womansoul rewilding the feminine

Menstrual + Menopause Mentoring | deepening into your journey



To really get the most out of our work together, its best to make a commitment to 3-6 months sessions / mentoring as this is how long is usually required to make the changes you seek, as well as thoroughly embed your self care practices and see the benefits from those changes. But essentially I am available to you for as long as you need.  


For a further conversation about how the Womansoul Way can support you and booking details please email me :: emmativey@gmail.com

Menstrual and menopause mentoring sessions support the wellness, creative and spiritual aspects of our feminine life journey.


Discovering our essential female rhythms we learn to flow with them as opposed to against them (which is a strong conditional story for most women). This work can go as deep as you want, to explore the juiciness of being a full feminine force and can reveal profound insights into your past, present and future ways of being.   Cycle awareness + self care practice will revolutionise how you live and is a deep affirmation of being a woman...you'll discover how to rock your rhythms!


Mentoring becomes a partrnership that supports the most important thresholds of womanhood, creating rituals or simple ceremony that reflect your needs + desires in order to release outdated blocks + patterns or call in power in a celebration of being you.

Herbal Healing | restoring power + vitality

The womansoul way is one that seeks to restore vitality and wholeness working with  healing plants to stimulate the bodies own innate healing forces.  Herbal medicines neither replace or supress function. They always nourish, relax and enhance the body and entire being.  There is no 'fixing' or 'curing' with this approach, only integration and transformation.... Herbal medicines are given in the form of liquid extracts, teas, body oils, steams and baths


The womansoul way is one that is woman centred and heart centred...I share with you my passion + purpose grounded in knowledge + experience of bringing the body and soul back into balance...A blend of practices to support your journey, working with the plant medicines that enhance wellbeing and awaken the female energy system...One to one herbal healing sessions are a bespoke treatment that are designed to nourish + restore natural female essence + rhythms.


The womansoul way is intuitive + holistic...I am medically trained but holistically experienced...I do not treat the 'diagnosis', 'condition' or 'symptoms', I treat + support the woman...My aim is to empower you in developing a wealth of resources to restore you, your inutition and inspiration for your own healing.  Empowering health through re-connecting with conscious self care + nourishment is one of my specialities, and the plants are allies and teachers to radiant health and wellbeing


Every women and her journey is unique.  It is my privelege to offer support for all seasons of womanhood...


Menstruation | bringing natural order and balance to the menstrual cycle


"Working with you for only four months resulted in complete resolution of all my physical and energetic problems that I experienced every three weeks for 15 menstrual years. Every three weeks I was miserable, in acute pain, low mood, had diarrhoea, bloating, cramps, night sweats and tired. Within four months I had the perfect period, no signs it was coming and no discomfort, which resulted in a successful pregnancy. You are a gift and a its pleasure to speak to you, thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. "


"Earlier this year my mum passed away and I honestly feel, I would not have made it through, the first 6 months without Emma's help. On a physical level Emma has addressed a number of issues I have struggled with, from

Indigestion to hair loss, anger to irregular bleeds. For me though working with Emma is so much more than that, emotionally, energetically and spiritually I feel me again. She gives you hope and positivity when you feel you have nothing left to give.

Emma has a wealth of knowledge and is always suggesting different ways to regain homeostasis, she uses a wide range of repertoire to help this such as teas, vitamins, minerals, relaxation methods, yoni steams, sitz baths, tinctures, alternatives to chemical filled products and many more. I have and always will continue to recommend Emma. Thank you so much for everything you do for me"


' Emma is wonderful, her womb wisdom and expertise was clear from the first interaction I had with her. Shes patient, precise and an excellent communicator. I really felt her warmth and gentle guidance which is a large part of what you need when you are going to someone to help with your health. I highly recommend her services'


Fertility | creating a relaxed + optimal enviroment for a healthy conception + pregnancy


"Thank you so so much for all of your help as I truly believe without your help we would not have become pregnant. Being recommended to you after receiving devastating news I was in menopause early due to chemotherapy & having endometriosis. That we weren't going receive help through IVF & unlikely to fall pregnant naturally we had no idea how life changing this would be. After only 2 months a miracle happened ... a positive pregnancy test! We are so happy & so grateful for your help"



Motherhood | providing essential support + nourishment for the challenges of post partum and beyond


Menopause | supporting a smooth transition into one of the most liberating and powerful phases of a woman's life...yes really!


"Emma has supported me through a year of menopause. What can I say?  Emma's intuition is amazing and her knowledge of the medicine of the natural world and the female cycles continually helps me, guides, me, heals me and nourishes me.  Thank you Emma, I can't say in words the support you have given me to access the healing of my menopause. thank you thank you thank you."